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     November 15, 2017      #41-318 LK1

Lamps We Love

Lámparas que amamos


Lighting is to a room what jewelry is to a perfect black dress,” says Sarah Van Assche, a Chicagobased interior designer. “It’s all about the right lamp in the right place.”

First, make sure that your lamps are the right size. If you have a table lamp next to a large sofa, make sure the lamp’s large, too. Otherwise it runs the risk of looking “dinky,” Van Assche says.

Second, don’t be afraid to try new things. A pendant lamp looks great over a dining room table, but Chicago-based designer Erin Shakoor suggests hanging six small pendants next to one another. “It would make a unique sort of conversation piece,” she says.

Third, think outside the box. Shakoor says that when it comes to recessed lighting, people often opt for huge flood lights. But with a ceiling of standard height, it’s best to “underlamp” and use bulbs that are four inches rather than a hefty six or eight.

Consider what you use the room for. Floor and table lamps can provide ambient light for two people to share a board game, for example. A recessed or wall light can be strategically placed to showcase artwork.

With so many options, the key is to maintain a delicate balance and not go overboard. “You’re supposed to experience light, not see the source of it,” Shakoor says.

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